Happy New Year

I wish You all A Very Happy New Year 2010….. 🙂

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How to post CODE samples in a Blog

I had aproblem of posting codes in a blog.Because it will display the out put for the HTML and other code samples were changed. Therefore I got used to post code samples as images at the beginning.But the visitor is uncomfortable to copy the code samples when I post it as an image.

But after thats I found a site where codes can be changed to a post friendly manner.


This is an online tool and it it easy for me to post code samples in the blog.

We just have to copy and paste the code here, it will convert the code into a postable style.This is the online tool I use…. 🙂

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Again Started Blogging

Since I was away from blogging for last few months, again I feel bloging is a way of running behind the knowledge.When I addict to do blogging,everyday I am looking for something new.Therefore everyday I am trying to do something new and trying to post it..Yeah..my lovely blog… 🙂

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Unable to Start WAMP or XAMPP server

One day I was trying to start WAMP sever. I was 100% sure about my configuration. There was no problem with the configuration settings. But when I was trying to start WAMP, I couldn’t do it. WAMP server was not started.

At this time I got into know that….
IF it is WAMP or XAMPP, those servers cannot be started if Skype is running. This is what I found on this.

Therefore the conclusion is if Skype is running then WAMP/XAMPP cannot be started. But after starting WAMP/XAMPP server skype can be started. Then both will run without any problem… 🙂

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