Hmmm…Its life… :)

In the weekend Im free…nothing is done with technical stuff like programming… Just spending time with temple….and try to be happy and relax as much as I can…yes today I am blogging just what I feel… 🙂

yes… I never worry for the past..PAST is PAST..Yeah…Thats the theory I follow…Hmmmmmm….. 🙂

Sometimes we were supposed to meet the wrong things before meeting the right one. so that, when we finally meet the right thing, we will know how to be grateful for that gift… 🙂

No one is perfect..I also have some sad events in my life..yes..that should is not a bed of roses,no..hih hih… But I dont go behind those things…We need little bit of time to forget PAST..yes..thats the truth..we do mistakes in our lives.But no point of worrying for that Past and wasting time..Just live today and welcome the future….This is what I try to do in my life.. 🙂

yes I believe on my Destiny…we will have everything according to our destiny…I never tell that we should believe on destiny and not to be courageous…This is applicable somethings like love or life…Sometimes we cant have the person we love…But sometimes we can..Thats the destiny…Here we can do nothing…Thats the place we cant go beyond the destiny….Yes.. 🙂

Yeah..I live with a smile all the time..I am very happy with my family(father/mother/sister) and my friends….Yeah..This is my life….Love you all…. 🙂

Yeah….PAST is PAST……..Be happy…….Smile pleeeeeeeeeeeease……….. 🙂

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