Dreamweaver Vs NetBeans for PHP – Part 1

I started web developing with dreamweaver. It was easy for me to deal with code while shifting to the design.’Split’ mode helps to view both code and the design at the same time.Therefore it is very easy to do web developing with dreamweaver when we deal with both design and the programming.

Today I satrted web developing with Netbeans.Wow.Netbeans is very easy to use with software developing specially with OOP.When we dont have to deal with the design very much, we can use NetBeans.If we are doing OOP(Object Oriented programming), the objects will be displayed in a panel.Therefore the objects can be identified very easily than dreamwaver.

We can select the compiler as we want as shown in the above screenshot.If we need the browser we can set it.Otherwise we can just use a commandline complier for debugging.

Another advantage of NetBeans is , while we are coding we can see the sintax errors (eg: missing Braces) as shown in the figure below.

But my conclusion is that dreamweaver and NetBeans has different types of advantages.The things that can be done by dreamweaver canot be done in with NetBeans and vise versa.Therefore both are very useful tools for web developing.

I hope to tell about the difference between those two further while having experience with netbeans… 🙂

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